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The Warm Email Strategy

The warm email is one step better than the cold email.  But you need cold emails to get to the warm ones.  It is from the continuous cold email campaigns that you start to see the warm contacts spin off into another group.  As discussed in a previous article,
cold emails are not bad – in fact they are great!  Cold emails not only give you on-going sales opportunities once you reach the right outbound sales process KPIs – they also help generate a whole new group of contacts – the warm email contacts.

Come in from the cold!

What are warm contacts and how do they come from cold emails?  These are the key questions to understanding exactly what we are talking about.

What are warm contacts?

As you generate cold email campaigns and as you move towards the critical mass level of outbound contacts – 10k contacts – you will start to see consistent sales opportunities.  But, we also see an increase in what we call “warm contacts” developing.  Essentially, cold contacts become warm contacts once a person replies back to the cold email that was sent to them.

How are warm contacts created?

There are different types of warm contacts, but the main type is when someone replies back to a cold email and they “leave the door open”.  Leaving the door open means that there is still a chance for a sales opportunity to develop…..down the road.  When you receive replies with phrases like “not right now” or “maybe in the future” or “check back in Q4” – then the door has not been shut completely and you now have an unofficial pass to keep in touch.  

“The Strategy”

Now that you have all of these warm contacts, you need a strategy!

The strategy can be as simple as 1,2,3.

Step 1 – move the warm contacts to their own list (preferably in a CRM)

Step 2 – prep an email script template to share content

Step 3 – create original content and share it on a regular basis with the warm contacts

“It’s all about the content!”

Step 3 is the key and requires the bulk of the work in this whole process.  You must create original content on a regular basis and you must share this original content with your warm contacts on a regular basis.  

If you are not creating content on a regular basis and posting it on your website – get going right away!  This is one of the most effective and straightforward ways to establish yourself and your company as an expert in your market.  You can then share this content across all social media channels and most importantly – with your growing warm contacts.  As you share more with your warm contacts, you keep your company at top of mind and it helps generate a new source of sales opportunities.

Bottomline: The outbound sales process is not just about cold emails – it is also about creating warm email contacts from the cold campaigns.  Warm contacts provide a new source for sales opportunities and another reason to create original content.

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