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The Outbound Sales Process (OSP) & The Falling Leaves Theory

We pay close attention to the leaves changing colors, but we barely notice the leaves falling from the trees.  When we do take notice of the falling leaves, it is usually a quick glance at the general motion of the leaves.  We take this common activity for granted and we don’t pay close attention.  Though once in a while, we do look down at a specific leaf on the ground – and we may even pick it up for a closer inspection.  Basically – falling leaves are an action that we can see happening in real-time, an activity we expect to happen and one that we notice up close once in a while.  This reaction to a common action can be applied to many different activities in life. One of those activities is receiving email.  We get so many unsolicited emails that we have come to expect them – and like the leaves falling, we barely take notice.  But once in a while, we do notice an unsolicited email – like the leaf on the ground.  We don’t know when or which email we will notice, but statistically speaking, we will take notice and we will take action on some unsolicited emails.  

How are leaves and sales connected?

The concept is simple and is easy to connect the two areas.  Leaves fall from trees and emails land in mail inboxes.  Everyday leaves fall somewhere and everyday you receive many unsolicited sales emails.  But one day, you will look at a falling leaf and one day you will open an unsolicited sales email.  So sending unsolicited sales emails on a constant basis will lead to emails being noticed one day and being opened.  Leaves must fall and emails must go out to get noticed.  Every leaf and every email will be noticed one day – with a good or bad reaction – but at least they will be noticed.  There is a time and place when the timing will be right for the email to be noticed.  It is determined by the receiver of the email.  One day they will notice the email and it will be the day that they finally see that email that has been coming to their inbox over and over.  It will be as if they have never seen that email before – it is just their time to see that email.  You have been sending that email to that inbox many times – waiting for the timing to sync up when the email arrives and the recipient takes notice.  Just like when they see that one leaf falling as they walk down the street.

Falling leaves are better than leaves on a tree.

There is a theory that talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words.  We have come to know this theory to be VERY true.  It is a reality of life – you must do, not talk about doing.  The same goes for sales – you must reach out, which is what sales is all about.  But, it is one thing to gradually reach out in a manual, non-systematic way compared to reaching out in a constant, systematic way.  Reaching out in a constant, systematic way means that the leaves are always falling – and the emails are always going out.  You must set up a system or engine that always sends the emails out – by the hundreds every day.  This keeps you in the game – every day.  If you miss a day, you miss a day full of possibilities and opportunities.  Leaves must fall every day in order for that one leaf to make an impact on that one timely day.

What does all this mean (in non-leaf terms)?

The dots have been connected – the leaf analogy has been analyzed and explained.  The plain truth is you need to set up a system to send out cold emails every working day.  You must have floods of emails flowing into inboxes far and wide.  You must keep up the constant stream of emails to one day get noticed.  This is the critical mass theory and the falling leaves theory all rolled into one strategy.  Hit them all the time and never stop.  If you do, success will come!

Bottomline: You must be in the game to play and you must play to win.  You must continue to send emails out on a constant, on-going basis.  You must be relentless in your efforts and outreach.  If the email addresses are good and the contacts are the right fit – and you have reached critical mass on the number of emails going out on a daily basis (and overall) – then your leaves (emails) will be noticed one day – it is just a matter of time (or timing) for each of your contacts.

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