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The Email Warm Up Strategy


Before you start sending out sales or marketing emails, you need to warm up your email inbox – especially if your company is new or your email address is new.  To do that, you need an email warm up strategy.  I made the mistake of not warming up my new email when I launched Oppaday last year.  I quickly started to send out many sales emails without warming up my new domain and new email address first.  That led to trouble right out of the gate.  My email provider thought this activity was unusual and they shut down my outgoing email for 24 hours.  Many of my clients have also had trouble sending out large amounts of emails when not warming up their emails properly.

How do you warm up your email?

There are a few ways to warm up your email.  The most straightforward way is following a manual process – sending the emails out one at a time, etc.  Another option that is creating a niche area in the market is the automatic way – where you hire a third party application to send the emails out for you.


Sending emails out manually is the old school way – which is actually a good, proven method.  But, it does take time each day to send the emails out.  

Here are the steps:

  1. Gather a list of emails – friends, family, business colleagues and your extra personal ones. (10 email addresses is a good start)
  2. Create a simple email template in Google or Outlook that says “please reply back” in the subject line and the body of the email.  You can also state that you are warming up your email.
  3. Send these out every day for 30-60 days, in addition to your normal outbound emails.


Warming your emails up automatically is the easy way out.  You save time, but you spend more money.  There are a handful of services (and growing) where you can sign up to connect to your email account.  Once connected, the service will start to send out emails on your behalf to a large group of email addresses that the service owns.  The service will slowly increase the daily emails over 30-60 days.  The service will also reply back to the emails to show a two-way engagement occurring between emails.  The price of these services usually range between $50-$100 per month.  To find them, just search for “email warming” on the search engine.

How long should you warm up your email?

The easy answer to this question is – “the longer the better!”  It is going to take time to warm up your email but will definitely be worth it in the long run.  For the manual process, I would suggest a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days.  For automatic, minimum 30 days and max can go to 6 months if you are willing to pay.

Why would you spend the time or money to warm up your email?

If you want to send out sales and marketing emails for your company or organization, then you definitely need to warm up your email.  The outbound sales process is a great way to get your message and brand out into the marketplace without spending money on SEM, online advertising, etc.  If you don’t have a big sales or marketing budget, it is the only way to go.  But, you do need to be patient and take the time to warm up your email before starting to send out sales emails on a larger scale.  If you don’t warm up your email before you start to scale your outbound sales emails, then you will quickly find yourself in email jail – with your account being paused or suspended.  This is not a good look for your business and could end up getting your domain blacklisted, which is a whole other level of email trouble.

Bottomline: If you plan on sending out sales or marketing emails, warm up your email first!  That’s it!

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